Maricopa County Assessor's Office Parcel Viewer Help

Assessor PDF Maps

The Assessor PDF Maps (also known as MapFerret Maps) are created on a daily basis based upon our MapID grid. You can view and save these maps from the parcel viewer application.

Map IDs are broken down as Township & Range - Section - Quarter Section - Quarter Quarter.
For example 807-18-04-00 would be:

  • 807 -- Township 3 North, Range 4 East
  • 18 -- Section 18
  • 04 -- The SouthEast Quarter
  • 00 -- There are no separate quarter quarter maps

There are two ways to find these maps:

How to View the Assessor PDF Maps by Clicking on the Map

  • First, you have to make only the MapIDs selectable under the Selectable Layers in the Layers tool.

  • Click on the map where you would like to view the PDF and switch to the Feature Information panel. From this panel you can click on the linked Map ID to open the PDF.

  • The PDF will open in another window, from here you can save it to your computer.

  1. Select the Map IDs Search layer.

  2. Enter the Map ID number to search by, then click Search. Results will appear in the Map and Search By tool results tab.

  3. Clicking on a result will zoom to it while the icon bar will allow you to open the PDF directly. Alternately, if the Feature Information panel is open, you can click on the Map ID to open the pdf.