Maricopa County Assessor's Office Parcel Viewer Help


Several methods are available for you to spatially select features.

This video will show you how to select features with the buffering tools.

Buffer by User Defined Shapes
**This will only buffer the graphic drawn, not what is selected by the graphic.
  1. In the Search By tool navigate to the Using the Mouse tab

  2. Determine search action
    1. Create new results (default option)
    2. Add to current results
    3. Remove from current results

  3. Select a Search Layer.

  4. Select which shape type you want to Select features by.

  5. Determine if you need to buffer multiple user defined shapes and check Enable multi-part selections accordingly.

  6. Check Buffer Graphic and enter a search distance.

  7. Place your shape in the map.
    1. When Enable multi-part selections is checked place multiple shapes then click Search for the request to be processed.

Buffer Search By tool results (example: use a subdivision boundary to select the parcels inside it’s boundary)
  1. In the Search By tool, use either the Using the Mouse or What I Know search options to populate the Results tab.

  2. Once the Results tab is populated, switch to the Buffer Something tab.

  3. Enter a search distance and unit of measurement then click Apply Buffer. This will add a buffer to the map (the blue fill).

  4. To select parcels within the Buffer click either the Entirely within the Buffer or Within or touching the Buffer buttons. (If you applied a buffer in the previous step choose buffer, else choose Selection)

    Example of Entirely within the Buffer

    Example of Within or touching the Buffer

  5. Results will appear in the map and Search By Results tab.

  6. To clear your buffer click Clear Buffer.