Maricopa County Assessor's Office Parcel Viewer Help

Layer List

To turn layers on or off, change a layer transparency, or see a symbol associated with a layer you will need to use the Layer List tool.

Layer List Visual Explanation

How to Use the Layer List

  • Opening the Layer List will display the layers available.

  • Clicking a layer will show its sublayers and symbols.

  • The ellipses on the right side of a layer shows more layer functions.

  • These 5 functions are:
    • Zoom to - Zooms the map to the extent of a layer
    • Transparency - Sets the transparency of a layer
    • Move up - Moves the layer up a level on the layer list
    • Move down - Moves the layer down a level on the layer list
    • Description - opens the REST endpoint for the service

  • For a layer to be selectable it must be checked in the Selectable Layers of the Layers tool.

  • To easily turn on/off or expand/collapse all layers at the same time, the options at the top right of the layer list will do this.