Maricopa County Assessor's Office Parcel Viewer Help

Layer List

To turn layers on or off, change a layer transparency, or see a symbol associated with a layer you will need to use the Layer List tool.

The video below will demonstrate how to use the Layer List.

Layer List Visual Explanation

How to Use the Layer List

  • Opening the Layer List will display the layers available.

  • Clicking a layer will show its sublayers and symbols.

  • The ellipses on the right side of a layer shows more layer functions.

  • These 5 functions are:
    • Zoom to - Zooms the map to the extent of a layer
    • Transparency - Sets the transparency of a layer
    • Move up - Moves the layer up a level on the layer list
    • Move down - Moves the layer down a level on the layer list
    • Description - opens the REST endpoint for the service

  • For a layer to be selectable it must be checked in the Selectable Layers of the Layers tool.

  • To easily turn on/off or expand/collapse all layers at the same time, the options at the top right of the layer list will do this.